Supra Sword XLR-johto, 1m


Supra Sword XLR-johto, 1m



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Supra Sword-IXLR välijohto, 1 metri

Supran paras analoginen välijohto. Sword-IXLR on kaksikanavainen balansoitu välijohto jossa on huippulaadukkaat Swift XLR liittimet. Kaapeli toimii missä tahansa setissä keskitasoisesta high-endiin, eikä häpeä lainkaan kalliimmille kilpailijoilleen.

What does it sound like?

The best description is nothing - Supra Sword does not sound at all. Supra Sword passes the complex music signal of an infinite number of sine waves and an infinite number of levels without causing any deformations between the source output to the receiver input. No part of the music suffer delay (phase shift), why the timing of each tone are exactly the same before and after. If every other hifi device in the system is capable of equally correct timing and preservation of the recordings' sound, the speaker setup and listening room acoustics is optimal, the result is such alive you can truly imagine being in the studio among the musicians. The Sword's lack of electrical properties ensures complete transparency. It is sometimes harder to distinguish a transparent cable from a cable with an apparent "sound lift" that emphasize certain notes. One will soon know however, when each album in the music collection exhibits the same sound style rather than the unique signature of every album/tune.


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